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Oleksandra Erastova


Oleksandra Erastova is an artist and graphic designer. She was born in 1988 in the city of Kyiv. She won her first artistic victory at the school and district Olympiads in the autumn of 2000. In the same year, the girl began her studies at a children's art school, which she finished in 2004.

Oleksandra received higher education at the Institute of Advertising. She became a Master of Arts in Graphic Design. During 2016-2019 she attended painting classes at the Ra Gallery and took lessons from Oleksander Vutyanov, who is a well-known painter and fine art restorer.

Since Oleksandra's early age, her family remembers her in a creative role: the girl was always seen around with pencils or paints and brushes. Already at the age of 4 she knew that she would become an artist, but she carried this dream through her young life until 2016, when she decided to fully embark on the artistic path.

Oleksandra has been painting the symbiosis of man and animal since 2016, passionately moving with a personal vision of the animal archetypes of the soul that live in us, and creatively manifesting our strong biological unity with them. She draws her inspiration from the inseparable connection with nature, with which she is infinitely in love.

"One particular detail - these human eyes in animals -is a dangerous feature of the paintings of Yerastova. It creates a world of transformed meanings of everything, which touches the imagination and determination of the artist. Symbiosis of a person with an animal exists here in such a state that can not be forgotten or ignored..."

Dmytro Korsun, 2019.

Solo exhibitions:

"13:13 at the Crossroads of the Worlds" Museum of the History of Kiev. Kiev, February 2017

"In the hayloft" Freedom event hall Kiev August 2017

"Women's Reincarnations" Kiev History Museum. Kiev February 2019

Сollective exhibitions:

"Color of Light" Gallery Ra m. Kiev September 2017

«Festival of Actual Ukrainian Art Art Seasons | Art Autumn Contemporary »Center for Contemporary Art M17 m. Kiev, October 2017

"Seven shades of the sun" Gallery Ra m. Kiev, 2018

"Fortunam" Gallery Ra m. Kiev, October 2018



I participated in art projects and exhibitions at international festivals: International Motor Festival "Tarasova Gora" June m. Cherkasy 2017; International Festival Tattoo Collection m. Kiev, grass 2018 At the International Festival of Retro Technology Old Car Land m. Kiev, September 2018 Erastova art together with the magazine “Wall” presented its project “Bonnie and Clyde. The history of the great crimes ", and also participated in the installation" Life in the style of Gatsby ", for which two works were specifically created female view of trucks and the history of great personalities m. Kiev September 2018



Among those who have purchased my works, I can proudly name the China's largest telecommunications companies - Huawei Science Center. My pictures are kept in the private collections in Italy, the Czech Republic, France, the United Arab Emirates, the USA and Canada; in Ukraine - in the collections of the singer Tina Karol; of the All-Ukrainian youth magazine "The Wall"; of Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (MAUP); of manufacturer of craft cheese "Kozachka" and many others.



My pictures are kept in the Museum of the History of Kyiv

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